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September 25, 2012

I am an aspiring sneakerhead (when the funds allow) but you will not catch me camping  in line outside Footaction days before the latest pair of Jordans drop. I care about shoes but not that much (okay there is one shoe that’d probably be an exception-the gold and black retro 1’s!) But there’s one thing I’ve never done, and that is buying a shoe during a pre-sale. Usually I’ll see that the option is available but I rationalize with myself how much I really want the shoe, and if I want it enough to cough up the money before it’s released. Then I usually talk myself out of the purchase and hope that when the shoe goes on sale, I still have a good chance of copping it, if I’ve made up my mind about it by then. This usually fails, as every shoe I really like ends up being highly coveted by the masses, and I’m azzed out.

Until now.

Meet my new boos, the Melody Ehsani x Reebok sneakers:




I first saw these shoes on Instagram and fell in LOVE (no pun intended) on first sight. The snakeskin, LO.VE scrolled across the toe-bed, the SPIKES, not to mention the generous variety of neon laces that come with the shoes to top it all off……ahhhhh can you say perfection?



Now I’m very picky about shoe designs. For me, all it takes is ONE thing for me to completely fall in love with a pair or hate them. But I can honestly say that if I wouldn’t change a damn thing about this design……okay, okay, maybe add a lil’  black patent leather somewhere, but that’s only because I’m a sucker for it. Despite that, I must say….

Melody Ehsani killed. KILLT IT. point.blank.period. So yes, even though they are pricey, I broke down and copped them. I was stalking the site too much to check to make sure my size was there, for me to not get them. And for that reason I didn’t want them to be one more thing I regretted not getting. These shoes were like crushing on a cute guy, I couldn’t get them off my mind! I am impatiently waiting for them!

There are only 2 sizes left for the pre-sale, but if you are interested in buying the shoe after the pre-sale ends on September 30th, click here  to get yours.

You can thank me later.

…and you’re welcome.

Random Thought:Beauty

May 16, 2011

Why do guys look better natural (plain faced, sans make-up, etc) than women?

Carol’s Daughter “Diversity” Rant

April 27, 2011


Selita, Solange, and Cassie, showing their “diversity”

I know I’m late on this but I felt compelled to say something about this new ad Carol’s Daughter recently released showing “Beauty in Diversity” with the company’s new ambassadors: model Selita Ebanks, singer Solange Knowles, and  singer (?) ahem, diddy’s girl aka Misa Hylton-Brim/J. Lo hybrid and Delia’s model Cassie Ventura .

According to Steve Stoute, Carol’s Daughter chairman and lead investor:

“What we’re doing now is moving into a polyethnic space. We want to be the first beauty brand that truly captures the beauty of the tapestry of skin types in America. When I say polyethnic, I mean women who are made up of several ethnicities. If you ask them what they are, they’re going to use a lot of different words to describe themselves. That’s in line with the Census data coming out — people are checking much more than two boxes. We believe we’ve put together a shoot that celebrates many different ethnicities, to become a mirror of what America’s really becoming.[…]“They will serve as cultural ambassadors in bringing forth this acceptance that the definition of beauty is now colorless. There are no longer boxes of white, black, Latina, Asian. More and more women are checking the other box, they share the vision and embody the messaging in their attitude, appearance, projects and core values.”

As far as the ethnicities being represented by the ad, Cassie is African-American, Mexican and Filipina, Selita is Native American, Irish, and African-American, and Solange is African-American and French Creole.
Selita goes on to say:

“Carol’s Daughter doesn’t have just one direct demographic. Solange’s hair is a different texture than mine; so is Cassie’s. Our skin and body types are different. Today, people are blended, and I think the three of us are a prime example. Women in my family range from vanilla to the deepest chocolate.”

I’ve read a good amount of comments made by people about this ad on various blogs and the consensus is that people are not satisfied.
My take on this?  I as well, am not satisfied.  While I appreciate Steve Stout and Lisa Price’s message in their new campaign, it doesn’t paint the picture of diversity. Sure Solange, Cassie, and Selita are all made up of different ethnicities, but unfortunately the picture of the three of them together doesn’t exactly spell out diversity.  To me, their ethnic diversity is more internal than external. From a consumer’s perspective, you cannot tell that Selita and Cassie are made up of multiple nationalities, just by looking at them in this ad. Shoot, even to me, as an african-american woman, also being a similar shade to the three of them, I don’t see a vast difference and either of the women, nor do I SEE the diversity. And sorry, but Cassie’s colored contacts do nothing to show to the ethnic diversity they are attempting to portray.

Problem #1

What are they advertising here? Stout claims that he wants the brand to be the first to “capture the beauty of the tapestry of skin types in America”. But what does that really mean?  Then he goes on to say that many women are using more than one ethnicity to describe their racial background. That’s great and all, but what does that really have to do with the tapestry of skin types he speaks of? To me, he is only showing one skin color in the ad. There’s no dark skinned or brown skinned multi-ethnic women of color in this ad and I don’t see a variety or even a “diverse” melting pot of skin types. And whether or not Selita is a different race from Solange, this ad doesn’t show that. I know they are different ethnicities because I follow black entertainment and pop culture but really, what average consumer is going to know that their ethnicities vary or even do the research to find the ethnic differences between the three women if they don’t know? You might as well place Keri Hilson and Beyonce in an ad and show “diversity”. I can find more diversity in “My Black is Beautiful”, or GAP, or United Colors of Benetton ads.
Selita goes on to say that the women in her family range in a plethora of skin tones ranging “from vanilla to the deepest chocolate.” So instead of this ad showing women that support what she says, it actually makes it even more apparent that the range of skin tone is what’s lacking.

Problem #2

Carol’s Daughter is a full fledged bath and body/hair care line, so assuming they have different target audiences, who are they trying to attract-haircare customers or those who buy their bath and body products? Selita speaks about how her hair is different from the Solange’s and Cassie’s, so I’m assume they are reaching out to their hair customers. But then she goes on to talk about skin tone, so maybe both? We all know that one’s skin tone has nothing to do with determining their hair type, so who knows….Maybe they are trying to attract all the multi-ethnic brown women of the world?- But then again, isn’t that who their targeted audience has been since the start of their company? 
What is not clear is their focus, in addition to how they are actually successfully embodying their theme of diversity through this ad.  And from an advertising perspective, I’d have to wonder if a woman of a darker skin tone who may or may not be of multiple ethnicities, could relate to this ad? Would she be more motivated to buy Carol’s Daughter without seeing anyone that looks similar to her in this ad?
Honestly I doubt it. When it comes to advertising with a theme, things need to be clear for the consumer. The picture of diversity has NOT been painted. To someone who doesn’t know Selita’s, Solange’s, and Cassie’s background, this ad would just look like Carol’s Daughter’s new ambassadors are 3 light skinned black women- yes I said it. And that is their main mistake. It should not be required for a consumer to have to do research to get a complete understanding of a company’s point of view. point-blank-period.
Interested on seeing what Selita, Cassie, and Solange have to say about “good hair”? Click here for a link to their video response with Lisa Price. I will add that Jada Pinkett-Smith and Mary J. Blige are still ambassadors for Carol’s Daughter. If this new ad had included them, it is then that I believe “Beauty in Diversity” would’ve been more of a cohesive theme.

Any thoughts? Agree or disagree?

I’m Feelin It: Twin Talk

March 31, 2011

This is hee-larious, too cute for words, and absolutely “intreeging” to say the least:

I truly believe they can understand each other. But I wonder what the heck they are saying? I’m thinking it’s a debate like…..

Baby with 1 sock: “If you can show me the secret hand signal, I will show where the ice cream is”

Other baby: “If you show me where the ice cream is, I’ll show you where your other sock is..”


Wedding Crashing

March 15, 2011

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a wedding. The last time I went to a wedding was six years ago! But I love going to weddings. What’s not to love- you get a chance to dress up, watch two people in love exchange vows, then go off to party the night away with free dinner, cake, champagne at the reception. Yes, I’m a sucker for free cake and champagne…who isn’t?

Okay, you are probably going to think the rest of this post is one big joke but I’m serious…My friend and I have an idea that this summer that we are going wedding crashing. You have read correctly.  No one I know is getting married and I want to go to a wedding, so hey, why not take matters into my own hands…right?

Crashing a wedding or two is not only a task on my bucket list, I feel it can also be a beneficial practice for my acting career in more ways than one. Going to a place you don’t belong and acting like you do, is a facade that a lot of people can’t pull off, and let’s just say that it’s a facade that I need to work on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve crashed parties before, but I think a party is on the “Easy Level” when it comes to crashing an event. People usually don’t keep track of who is invited, and if you look the part of someone who belongs, then it’s a heck of a lot easier to get in. Because of the meticulous planning, invites, seating chart at the reception, and most importantly: familiarity of those invited, I can imagine a wedding being harder to crash,

The movie “Wedding Crashers” does serve as inspiration. And I know we should probably watch the movie a few times more and take notes before we go out and do the damn thing, but I’m thinking maybe we should start on a smaller scale. We should hit up family reunions first….straight up Janet Jackson and Regina King “Poetic Justice” style.

I can never forget how they all rolled up in the mail truck on the scene like it was nothing.

Check out the crashing at the 5:20 mark.

Mind you, there were so many people at that family reunion, it would’ve been hard to discover someone not actually being related. But maybe this is the route I need to start off with, and then graduate to the “Intermediate Level” of crashing weddings depending on my confidence level. Starting with crashing some picnics at Central Park and working our way up…hmmm I will see.. :-p

Have you ever crashed an event (someone’s wedding, picnic, party, etc)? If so, how did you do it successfully? If you were unsuccessful, how did you get caught?

Hair Boredom/Hair Rant

March 14, 2011

I’m 14 months post relaxer and am done. I’m tired of doing my hair, tired of detangling, tired of moisturizing, tired of styling, fixing, primping, and tired of bantu knotting. I could switch up my style and try twist and curls, braid outs, pin curls, and what not, but I don’t want to…I’m just plain TIRED.

It’s times like these where I see why girls shave their heads.

Times like these I wish I could pull off a hairstyle like this...Easy, breezy, beautiful, Amber Rose

With a  bald head the only thing that can make you late in the morning is figuring out what to wear. You never have to worry about your hair (or lack of) getting messed up while you sleep. You never have to worry about rain wetting it, or if the wind blows it back the wrong way. Detangling sessions are extinct. It’s the epitome of “wash and go”….It’s just simple.

The only times I’ve had to experience these wonderful pleasures is when I’ve had cornrows or braids with extensions in the past. And as much as I loved rocking cornrows, in my book, they are really out of style. And as far as micro braids go, they aren’t my cup of tea, as I cannot fathom sitting for hours on end getting them put in and spending even more time taking them out.

And going bald? Ehh kind of out of the question for me. First of all, I have no hook (i.e. curvature in the back of my head). And secondly if I did decide to shave my head, I know as soon as that last strand of hair hits the ground I would either:

a) bawl my eyes out


b) miss my hair immediately

I honestly tip my hat off to any girl who shaves her head. It’s a big deal. But the closest I’ve come to wanting to shave my head is wanting to cut my hair short like a Halle Berry/Kelis/Rihanna. And I never did it because I didn’t think the cut would fit with my face since my head is

But I digress.

I am to the point where I’m pretty much blogged out. Blogged out meaning tired of scouring natural hair blogs for the next new thing I can learn about hair that I don’t even have yet. I’m tired of looking at product reviews of products that I probably won’t buy. And I dare to say that I am actually tired of looking at Youtube hair videos <gasp! shocker>

I kind of want to go on a hair hiatus until my BC date comes around. I’ve been longing for kinky twists or a nice curly weave like Kelly Rowland used to wear.

I love this look! Someone send me this hair pronto!/

I’ve already decided to ditch buying any more hair products until my BC date (unless I run out of the products I like). I just don’t know how many more conditioners and sprays I can use! I will just use what’s been working for me…there’s absolutely no reason to change my regime to “find what my hair likes” when I’m cutting the majority of my hair off in a matter of months.

Hair hiatus will “probably, maybe” begin AFTER a new venture I’ve decided to embark on which is Youtubing.

Okay, okay yes you did read correctly/And yes I was just complaining about being tired of watching videos…but not actually making them.

There’s not a lot of transitioning videos on the net so I thought I could help bring some more. As soon as I get my camera set up and actually figure out what I’m doing, it’s on and poppin’.

SIDE NOTE: I will continue blogging about my own hair experiences. I have not gotten tired of that 🙂

A Confession

March 2, 2011




Yes I would mind if you joined me.../


No, but seriously I am and I am not one bit ashamed or embarrassed about it.

Okay so let me explain. I’m not the type of loner that doesn’t have friends and is just anti-social. I’m like the type that has friends and sometimes chooses to be anti-social.

Don’t get me wrong. I love hanging out with my good friends, cracking jokes, and making memories. A LOT of the most fulfilling times in my life were ones that included my friends and I, so me saying this is not to discredit or ignore the great impact they have on my livelihood (and when it comes to relationships, this is also not to say that I’d prefer to be single!).

I just know that I am a loner and enjoy being one.

I LOVE shopping by myself. I love spending as much or little time in a store as I want to. Without pressure to spend or not spend my money. Roaming aisles freely without a care in the world.

And though I’m not doing this currently, I LOVE living by myself. I can walk around with minimal clothing whenever I please. And there’s nothing better than coming back my house after a long day and everything is exactly the way I left it. When I clean my space, it only gets messy when I mess it up.  I never have to worry about someone else’s vision of a mess being messier than my own. Guests come when I want them to and DON’T overstay their welcome. The condition of my things are just as good as I keep them. . And nothing competes with spending as much time in the bathroom as I need to handle all my business without having to worry about someone interrupting me.

I LOVE being by myself.  Alone with my thoughts.  Doing my thing, whatever that may be. Not answering to anyone but myself.

I remember going to the movies by myself for the first time ever a few years ago. I went to go see “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”.

And let me tell you I enjoyed every minute of it. Not just because I was alone, but because it was a good movie. I had always wanted to go to the movies alone at least once to see what it would be like, and the experience didn’t disappoint.

And I’ve always wanted to do the whole Eat, Pray, Love “backpacking in Europe” thing by myself. I have this thought that going away to a foreign place alone is one of the best ways of getting to know yourself. There is no one around that you know that can judge you, and you are in a completely new element with only yourself to rely on. It’s like a way of starting fresh with yourself.

I don’t know if me saying that I was raised as an only child is explanation enough for this confession. My older siblings didn’t live in the same house as me so I was only surrounded by kids in my age range when I was in school or after school playing outside. And despite having a plethora of friends, there were several things that I had to go through by myself. My parent’s divorce was one huge event I went through alone. Another thing, which was a result of that event, was moving across the country away from everything I knew in my world.

So, in a way, there have been times where I feel I’ve had to rely on myself to get through hard situations in my life. There were times were I had to be my own best friend. Which is probably why I have no qualms with being by myself. I can 100% guarantee that I have my back. And there aren’t many people you can say that about in your life.

Not everyone can appreciate nor handle being by themselves for long periods of time.  And quite honestly I think that’s a bit sad. Just as much as it’s important to have people in your circle that enrich your life, it’s just as important to find serenity in solitude. It’s healthy. I think one of the most powerful aspects in my life is being at peace within the comfort of my own company. And that’s something I definitely don’t take it for granted.

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