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Inspire Me!

July 15, 2010

Last week I had a great brunch with two of the three founders of GenJuice Danielle Leslie and Arielle Scott. Through heavy laughter and tears (from me-hey now, I get overly emotional before my period :-/) and a mimosa drinking competition, we had a candid conversation about finding our way through life, passions, and finding the support needed for our future endeavors.

If you check out GenJuice, you will see theat Danielle and Arielle’s company focuses on finding young entrepreneurs nationally, and connecting them to other entreprenuers. They bascially work as a support system for young and future entrepreneurs.

Check out this video from Arielle on how she started Genjuice:

I think what made the conversation so influential was seeing two young black women doing what they love without any qualms. I expressed my frustrations with women in general not being able to lift each other up and support each other, and Danielle and Arielle proved to be the opposite. They were so open and honest and it was so refreshing to see people in my age group with such a zest for life.

I reflected on myself and my situation during the conversation. Currently, I am working a job that I am ready to leave so that I can focus on my passions. My issue is figuring out what exactly my passion is?

I have spent most of my post college life working my way up to where I thought I should be. I came to New York with less than a thousand dollars, 3 suitcases, and a dream of finding my passion in something creative. After a unpaid fashion internship, various jobs to supplement my income to get an apartment, and acting gigs along the way, here I am, feeling like right now I’m wafting my way through life until I find something to focus all my energy on. One thing I have recently realized is that I have been focusing more on my have nots and wants than I have been acknowledging the small successes I have had. Last weekend, I went to an event where Chris Gardner (the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness was based on his life) was speaking, and one thing he said was:

Every step counts…even the baby steps.

Sometimes it’s hard to reflect on how far you’ve come when you don’t feel remotely close to where you want to be. I know that this is the case for me since I’m hard on myself and expect so much from myself because I know my own potential.

The conversation yesterday has inspired me to do something that I knew I needed to do before, which is to infuse more positivity in my life! The weight of me always thinking about where I am NOT in life brings me down and isn’t motivating at all.

Have you ever had trouble finding your passion? Do you know your purpose in life? If so, what are you doing to fulfill it?

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