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No More TV…:-/

July 15, 2010
No More TV!

Yesterday offically marked the first day of a “No TV challenge I have created for myself. I called my cable company and asked for a “seasonal hold” which has to take place for a minimum of a month and a maximum of six months in order to be in affect. So I placed the hold for a month to see how I can cope.

Let me guess, you are probably wondering why I have done this to myself? What do I hope to gain from this torture? Well the main reason I decided for the hold is because my cable bill is soo expensive and I just couldn’t take paying $80 (after taxes and equipment fees) for internet and cable. My internet connection works better using someone else’s unsecured network in my building anyways so why pay for crappy internet? I mean I went from paying $40 with Directv in my old apartment and I had free DVR and HBO. But I had to switch companies since I moved to a building that didn’t allow dishes on the roof .

The second reason for this big change (you have to understand how much I love my TV), is because I figure if I don’t have anything to watch I have no choice but to be occupied with other things…things that I need to get done, and almost equally important, things I have always wanted to do but have been to distracted to do.

During this month, these are the things I plan on doing this month to occupy my time:

(Updates in teal)

*Read at least 2 books (Currently I am reading The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg) still working on both books!

*learn how to work my Zune (I still don’t know how to add music to it, every song on it has been added by someone else) not yet

*take pictures, pictures and more pictures yes

*organize my apartment a trillion times

*organize my email/files on my computer still working on it

*get more SLEEP I did go to sleep alot earlier and felt more rested most mornings

*work on my business plan and do research for my future start up company (I will talk about that in a future post!) yes, and I am still working on it

*memorize some monologues-just in case I go on any auditions not yet

*artistic things I love to do (i.e. collage art, painting, drawing, just CREATING) here and there -I did get inspired by YouTube and cut up some clothes šŸ™‚

*and of course work on my little baby https://intreegme.wordpress.comĀ clearly

I will be keeping you posted on everything. So far I have survived one day and I say survived semi-loosely. I vow to not think about the shows I will be missing and I’m glad this all took place after “The Hills” finale. Yes I’ve said it, I watch “The Hills”. This will be a good change for me, and hey who knows, maybe it will last longer than a month…

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  1. July 15, 2010 11:25 am

    I can’t wait to see how you like the book. What else are you reading?

  2. July 16, 2010 10:14 am

    The other book I’ll be reading is called Upstarts. I won it from the Genjuice event I went to šŸ™‚


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