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Case of the Crackheads

July 17, 2010

Okay so the title isn’t too nice..but it’s most likey accurate. Nevertheless, if I had to pick two people to come together and do a collaboration it would be:





Ummm.. do you know how hard it is to find a decent picture of Amy Winehouse? No really, I had to scroll through pages of her nasty fight aftermath pics with bloody Kaiser Permanente hospital satin ballet slippers and just as worse, her Yaki rat’s mane of a weave, just to find something presentable. I don’t know if anyone has seen the cover of the Frank album but she looks like a whole different person no lie.

 Aaahhh those were the good old days in 2003, where walking dogs at night wearing a see through, off the shoulder top with the fashion faux pas of a white bra was her idea of being risque.

Now Amy’s idea of living on the edge is getting into bloody brawls with her on and off again boyfriend, smoking rocks (as well as other concoctions I’m privy enough to not know the names of) and walking out on her own concerts…well the few she has had.

Since Frank was her debut album, I’m thinking she may not have been on drugs at the time or maybe she didn’t have the funds to sponsor her habit. I dread thinking that she spent her first album’s advance money on white powder.

And trust and believe, Lauryn isn’t off the hook. Yes she’s come a long way from Sister Act 2 <cue in “Oh Happy Day”> the Fugees, and miseducating us on herself, but from what I’ve heard, she’s been doing some “substances” herself as well as being booed off the stage of her own concerts. 

What the hell happened along the way? How the hell did Amy and Lauryn (such wholesome names) go from the pictures above, to this?
*And these shots aren’t even the worst ones I’ve seen*
I have no clue what’s going on with them now, but supposedly Amy is working on her next album to come out soon, and Lauryn has been expected to make a real comeback for years now.
Whatever the case, I just wish family members would do interventions on these hot messes (televise it on AE) and submit them to the same rehab facility so they would eventually run into each other in the hallway and remember the old love of music they had. Then in 30-90 days come out clean and sober with a new single for me . A remix of “Rehab” will do just fine.
(Contrary to me going in hard on them right now, I do really love them as singers. See what they made me do? This post was supposed to be one of praising their talents and here I am getting all off track talking about their addictions and such….God forgive me?-Amen.)
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