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I Love You F21

July 20, 2010

Times Square NYC photo by intreegme

I was walking to the subway in the Times Square area on a lovely Sunday afternoon…

and came across one of my favorite places to shop:

Forever 21 photo by intreegme

“According to Nielsen, women control $12 trillion of the $18 trillion in global spending.” Nielsen

“My name is Intreegme and I’m a Forever 21-a -holic.”

“Hi Intreegme.”

Yes I do love Forever21. I don’t have to lie to kick it. I will admit it. It is my guilty pleasure. It has been there for me countless times when I had that shopping itch. Y’all know Forever 21 is that shopping addict’s crack :-/

I mean honestly, why would I want to spend $120 for a dress when I can buy something similar for $20 at F21?

Sometimes I feel like females try to act like they have never stepped foot in that store, like it’s beneath them or something. Some girls claim “they don’t remember” where they got their outfit from, knowing damn well they got it from Forever 21. It makes me wonder why some are too embarassed to admit that they like reasonable prices for good fashion? Shopping at Forever 21 doesn’t show your social status, it shows that you still have a love for looking good but probably have better things to spend your money on (heck, maybe you want to be smart about your money and start SAVING it). That’s not a crime!

Ladies, stop putting up fronts for others and just keep it real…If you were wearing something really fly and told me you got it at Forever 21, I would be much more impressed that you got a great deal than spending an astronomical amount for it( shoot, I brag about my deals all the time). I don’t care if you shop at BCBG, Bloomingdales, Zara, or Chanel, if you are a woman under 30, I guarantee you have a million things at least one thing in your closet from Forever 21.

So they’ve opened one up right in the heart of the Dirty Apple (nickname for NYC)…I didn’t get a chance to walk inside, but from the outside it was so nice to look at. With the billboard, lights, and flat screen video doing it up real flashy Times Square style, it actually made me excited to shop again.

Not only that, what Forever 21 do you know has 4 floors?

Forever 21 NYC photo by intreegme

How dare they tempt me like that…

I am promising myself NOT to go inside until my $$$ is right. It will be my reward.



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