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I’m In the Mood For…

July 21, 2010


…some new kicks, preferably some Jordan Retro 1’s.

What can I say…I’m a tomboy at heart.

People trip when I tell them what I used to wear in high school. My wardrobe consisted of a mixture of baggy jeans, tops and jerseys from the boys department and flare jeans and tank tops from the juniors department. I was really eclectic with everything. One day you might have seen me in a Kentucky State basketball jersey, with a white tee   (yup, in my white tee), black baggy jogging pants with one leg hitched up, and my matching Sauconys. The next day I was wearing fitted flare jeans, flip flops, and a top with ruffles. I used tell my mom all the time that guys had the best clothes. I guess I just wanted the best of both worlds.

I also looked up to my older sister so she was a big influence on what I thought was cool to wear. Back then at her hgih school in North Chicago, girls dressing in baggy clothes was the style. My sister would cop the newest Jordans as soon as they were released and had a collection that any guy would envy.

So by the time I was in middle school and high school I was living in California and I got into the trend. I would rock the Adidas Superstars (shell toe shoes with the three stripes on the side), even Vans, various pairs of different colored Saucony’s, Nikes, and K-Swisses (if that’s a word).

I got my first pair of Jordans when I was 16. They were the XI pink snakeskin print lows. I luuuuhhved those shoes.  So much so that even though they were pink and white, I tried to make them match as many of my outfits as I could. I was one of the only girls (my friends also had fly kicks) in my school with a good athletic shoe collection and I wore them with pride.

When I was a junior, I flew to Chicago to visit my dad and sister. My dad got me a pair of $79.99 low white on white Air Force 1’s which I was lusting after for the longest time. I vivdly remember wearing them to school once I got back and EVERYONE and their mama was jocking me for them. Nelly’s song “Air Force 1’s” had just come out around that time and none of the stores seemed to be carrying any of the shoes (rumor had it, Nelly’s team bought all the shoes out of a lot of stores just to use them in his music video). That video raised that shoe’s stock proably to the highest it’s ever been. I would clean those kicks with my shoe cleaner after every wear  just so I could flaunt them bright and white the next day lol..

Once I went away to college, I curbed my tomboyism quite a bit but still rocked baggy clothes when I was trying to be laid back. And now, if you were to look in my closet you would think it had become extinct.

I still love my Nikes though! I don’t have a 3rd of the shoes I had in high school, but everytime I walk past a Champs, Journey’s, or something of the like, I go in and remember my fond love of J’s and just all around fly kicks.

The next pair of shoes I get, y’all know I will be updating with pics of course! 🙂

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