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Not Guilty!

July 26, 2010

Hey guys. Glamour Magazine has a section in every issue that I like called “Hey, it’s OK!” which lists things that some people do that they may feel guilty or embarassed by. The point of the article is just to bascially reassure its  readers not to be ashamed if they do these things, and to it’s okay. So I was thinking, and decided to take it upon myself to come up with some things I do that may be considered rude, unusual, or things that most people would be to embarassed to admit, that I don’t feel guilty by.  Here’s a few things, but if I think of more along the way, maybe I’ll make this a series on the blog.

1. eating a pint of  ice cream to make me feel better anytime I’m feeling down

2. telling a bum I don’t have spare change to give them when I know I do

3. pressing the “Door Close” button on the elevator when I can hear someone walking to catch it

4. movie hopping

5. finding money and keeping it (depends on the amount and if anyone were to claim it)

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