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Pet Peeves: Riding the Subway

August 4, 2010

I love the fact that I get a free monthly Metro Card from my job and it allows me to go anywhere in NYC that I want to at anytime. I love the fact that when I get to my destination, I don’t have to worry about parking. I rarely deal with traffic. I love not paying for car insurance, tolls, and tickets, and appreciate not being affected by rising gas prices. And I can definitely admit to being able to multitask (by reading, etc) while I am travelling for granted.

Though all these things are positive, when it comes to using mass transit everyday, there is a definite trade off. Below you can read my 27 pet peeves when it comes to riding the subway.

1. when people stand right in front of the escalator

2. when a person that is bigger than the space left in between the seats tries to “fit”

3. people who walk slow in front of me

4. when people let all of their crap take up too many seats on the subway

5. when people don’t move into the middle of the train so that other people can get on

6. people who walk on the train before letting people off *one of my biggest peeves!!*

7. moms who bumrush people getting on the train with their strollers

8. crying babies (I love babies, I just hate being stuck on the train with one that is constantly crying)

9. bums who bother people

10. when someone coughs or sneezes in their hand, and then uses the same hand to hold onto the pole

11. people who play their handheld games with maximum volume

12. when people stand on the left hand side of the escalator (stand on the right and move on the left people!)

13. when the food someone is eating infiltrates the train and smells like fish or hot sauce

14. when someone takes a seat from a pregnant woman

15. when the person next to me is reading my magazine or book with me (mind your business! lol)

16. people who blast their music so loud that I can hear the lyrics

17. excessive PDA

18. litterers

19. when people shove other people on the train just to make “room” so that they can board

20. random guys trying to holler

21. people who stare at me (if you are going to stare be discreet about it!)

22. when moms let their kids run around like it’s a playground

23. taking a crowded shuttle bus just to get home because there is “track construction” for the train I take.

24. people who don’t move out the way when it’s my stop…it’s called common courtesy…

25. people who shout the testimonies of God and the world coming to an end (I love God, but other people need realize that NYC has a melting pot of cultures and not everyone is the same religion) 

26. The fact that I cannot and don’t want to fathom the amount of dirt, germs and “air diseases” floating around on all the surfaces inside the train.

27. when someone sits right next to me on a nearly empty train (can I get my 3 feet please?)


If I think of more I will post them…

If you take some sort of mass transit, what are your pet peeves?

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  1. Je Ne Sais Quoi permalink
    August 5, 2010 12:11 pm

    I thought a couple of other pet peeves of mine:

    People, mostly men, that sit with their legs spread apart, taking up three seats.
    Homeless people who stink up the whole train
    Sweaty people that rub up against you
    People with bicycles that use the train….hmmm whats the use of your bike
    People who want you to get up for them just because they are overweight and can’t walk to steps without being out of breath…… Does this make me mean
    Conductors who close the door in your face…come on 2 seconds wont make a difference

    • August 5, 2010 5:12 pm

      Hey Je Ne,

      How could I forget all of those? I will definitely co-sign with you on all of them! And no you aren’t mean, you have every right to stay in your seat:-)


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