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No More TV:Update

August 20, 2010

I’ve been meaning to give updates on how my No More TV challenge was going for me. So On August 13th my cable was supposed to be re-instated but I ended up calling up Time Warner to extend my seasonal hold on my account. I’m actually really proud of myself for being able to last a month since tv was my main form of entertainment at home. But now unfortunately I’ve picked up the other form of entertainment…..INTERNET. When I had cable I barely used my internet. Yes, I got rid of my internet when I got rid of my cable, but I’ve been using someone else’s connection. Browsing blogs is now my favorite thing to do. I’ve also rediscovered YouTube and there have been some days I find myself on it for hours on end just looking at random ish.  One Friday night I wasn’t going out and spent the whole night youtubing people shredding their jeans and cutting up their wardrobe into different styles (I know, I’m outta control right?). But in the midst of it all I did accomplish some of the goals I set out for myself, while others I’m still working on. You can check back on the link above to see which ones.

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