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Cotton Candy French Tip

September 21, 2010

I haven’t really had the chance to rock  a french tip with my nails in awhile because for some reason they would break off, and then I would end up cutting them all down to the same length and start growing them all over again.

But lately they have been stronger and growing like weeds and I have no clue why (I should probably start paying more attention to my diet to figure this out)! So to take advantage of the length while it lasted, I wore my nails in what I call a Cotton Candy French Tip on Labor Day weekend. Here are some pics:

Here is what I used:

Pink-from Wet n’ Wild

Lilac-Urban Outfitters


Glitter- Wet n’ Wild (used as topcoat)

I will post the exact names of the colors later.

What I did was just paint the tips of my nails with the color polish, alternating colors for each finger. Luckily I hand a pretty steady hand. If you dont have a steady hand then you should probably use a french tip kit. I did 2 coats for each tip then waited 2 minutes and applied 2 coats of the glitter polish to use as the topcoat. The glitter polish had some texture, but helped my nails dry fast!

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