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Music is Therapy for Those Who Can’t Afford the Real Thing

October 6, 2010

Dear Music,

I love you.



The title speaks for itself. I can’t tell you how many times music has helped me get through a hard time or celebrate a joyous occasion. Music is there for me when I getting pumped to go to the club. Music is there for me when I need something soothing to listen to when going to sleep.

Music has definitely kept me going when time at work is crawling by. I realized this a few months ago when I maxed out my 40 free hours of music for the month on Pandora (Yes, they do give you a limit every month. I’ve realized a lot of people don’t know this. But if this happens to you check out Jango)

Three days after I moved into my first apartment, I got robbed. My laptop with all my pictures, music, and work got stolen. I didn’t have my cable installed nor did I have a DVD player and it was one of the most vulnerable times of my life. I felt violated to say the least. The day after the robbery when I came home from work, I came back to my quiet apartment feeling uneasy and the silence in my space was killing me. My mind kept roaming and imagining someone breaking in and not having something to distract me from my vivid imagination made me even more paranoid. All I had was a little alarm clock radio to play music to break the silence. And everyday I played the radio until I got cable. Sometimes when I left the house I would even leave the radio on to make it seem like I was there.

I have definitely taken music for granted.

I can’t tell you how many times songs like Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” have gotten me through a tough break up. Rick Ross’s “Hustlin Remix” with Jay-Z and Jeezy gave me that extra motivation to keep going when I graduated from college and went on job interview after job interview until I landed one. Times when I wanted to mellow out and just relax, Sade and Amel Larrieux always did the trick. And anyone who knows me knows that when Lil Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down” plays at the club, I get so

It’s so interesting how I ended up listening to certain songs at the right time for different situations I went through.

I remember in the last 20 minutes of my flight from California to move to New York, I was listening to one of the music stations programmed in the armrest of my seat, and “New York State of Mind” came on by Billy Joel.

I also remember a couple of weeks before graduating college everyone was partying it up every night. Shop Boyz’s hit “Party Like a Rockstar” had just been released  and blasted on all the stations in DC. That song couldn’t have come out at a better time! It was the official anthem of our class.

And I’ll never forget the time my boyfriend broke up with me and we remained friends afterwards. He invited me to a concert where LeToya Luckett was performing . A new track she performed was called “Regret” and I was feeling it. Besides all the lyrics about the material items, the sentiment of the song had described what I was going through at that time.

There are times where music has saved my sanity. There’s been times I have wanted to talk to someone about an issue I was going through but didn’t want to feel like a burden so I listened to my music instead. Music has been there for me to express what I was going through when I didn’t have the words to do it myself.

Music has been my friend. Music has been my entertainment. Music has been my inspiration. Music has been my voice. Most importantly, music has been my therapy. It hasn’t judged me, and has never discriminated against me. It’s never betrayed me. It never leaves me. It never gets mad at me. It tells me what I need to hear and what I should do. It helps to solves my problems and gives me inspiration. It calms me down, and it lets me release.

Now I know what artists mean when they say music is their best friend. How could it not be? It’s perfect.

Note: I send a million thank you’s to the artists in the industry and the ones yet to be discovered. You will always have a purpose.

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