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Celebrity Spotting: Kelly Cutrone

October 18, 2010

I was walking back to work from lunch last Thursday, when I noticed a lady with perfectly pedicured feet with shiny black polish and tissues in between each toe fresh from the salon. As I glanced up I saw it was someone familiar, and as we passed I realized it was none other than Miss Kelly Cutrone walking towards me with one of her assistants. Immediately after we passed on the sidewalk I yelled “Hi Kelly!” (like I knew her…lol) And she yelled back “Hi Honey how are you..” and I said “Good” (what was I going to say, I’m not going to interrupt her day).


Kelly Cutrone, queen of the PR world

I loved Kelly Cutrone when she was featured on “The Hills”. I loved Kelly when she was featured on “The City”.
I loved Kelly on her own show “Kell on Earth” and especially enjoyed her while reading her book “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside”.

Her People’s Revolution office is a couple blocks away from my job and I’ve passed by it a trillion times. I’ve seen Andrew and Skinner randomly and have even seen Kelly’s daughter, Ava, with her nanny walking her puppy down the street. So I knew it was a matter of time before I actually ran into her.

It’s times like these (when I run across someone who could be instrumental to the business I want to start) when I think about my pitch. What if me and Kelly were in a place where I had time to actually chat it up with her? What would I say and how would I say it?

She has this cut-throat, straight to the point, quick-witted personality that I can’t help but like. And she seems like the perfect mentor. I admire the fact that she keeps it real in an industry full of people who don’t like to. She’s been in the business for over twenty years. She’s worked with everyone from Michael Jackson in her early twenties, Jeremy Scott (one of my favorite designers). There’s been a couple of times where I’ve thought about interning for her, but PR is not my thing, and after I saw all the stress Stephanie Skinner went through….I reconsidered…haha.

It’s funny. When I first came to New York, I never saw any famous people randomly. The first famous person I saw was Agyness Deyn while walking again, down the street from my job. If you’re hip to the modeling scene then you know Agyness…

Agyness Deyn/

Then gradually I started seeing more as time passed. It went from Busta Rhymes as I left the club, to Gabourey Sidibe walking near Bryant Park, Teyana Taylor in Topshop, and Tracee Ellis Ross on the subway just to name a few (seeing Tracee is a whole other post within itself!)

Tracee Ellis Ross…I love her!!!/

New York is a crazy small world with tons of people. Sometimes I feel like because it’s so highly populated, that there’s an art to spotting a celebrity. It’s funny because you’d think celebs out here would want to be incognito by wearing shades. But all of the ones I’ve recognized were shade-less. They blend in so well in the masses anyways there’s probably no need. And though there are definitely areas of NY where celebrities frequent….


Lol, okay so it’s not like they just flock there, but really that is one of the best places to spot someone famous in the city. Not to mention, it’s one of the many good places to people watch.

Stay tuned for the next celebrity spotting…..whoo-ha-ha-ha-ha…

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