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September 25, 2012

I am an aspiring sneakerhead (when the funds allow) but you will not catch me camping  in line outside Footaction days before the latest pair of Jordans drop. I care about shoes but not that much (okay there is one shoe that’d probably be an exception-the gold and black retro 1’s!) But there’s one thing I’ve never done, and that is buying a shoe during a pre-sale. Usually I’ll see that the option is available but I rationalize with myself how much I really want the shoe, and if I want it enough to cough up the money before it’s released. Then I usually talk myself out of the purchase and hope that when the shoe goes on sale, I still have a good chance of copping it, if I’ve made up my mind about it by then. This usually fails, as every shoe I really like ends up being highly coveted by the masses, and I’m azzed out.

Until now.

Meet my new boos, the Melody Ehsani x Reebok sneakers:




I first saw these shoes on Instagram and fell in LOVE (no pun intended) on first sight. The snakeskin, LO.VE scrolled across the toe-bed, the SPIKES, not to mention the generous variety of neon laces that come with the shoes to top it all off……ahhhhh can you say perfection?



Now I’m very picky about shoe designs. For me, all it takes is ONE thing for me to completely fall in love with a pair or hate them. But I can honestly say that if I wouldn’t change a damn thing about this design……okay, okay, maybe add a lil’  black patent leather somewhere, but that’s only because I’m a sucker for it. Despite that, I must say….

Melody Ehsani killed. KILLT IT. point.blank.period. So yes, even though they are pricey, I broke down and copped them. I was stalking the site too much to check to make sure my size was there, for me to not get them. And for that reason I didn’t want them to be one more thing I regretted not getting. These shoes were like crushing on a cute guy, I couldn’t get them off my mind! I am impatiently waiting for them!

There are only 2 sizes left for the pre-sale, but if you are interested in buying the shoe after the pre-sale ends on September 30th, click here  to get yours.

You can thank me later.

…and you’re welcome.

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