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Welcome to a virtual look into my mind..Here you will find some of my very random thoughts, rants, loves, and things that stand out to me for one reason or another.

I reside in Manhattan, New York. I am still getting used to the post-grad lifestyle of paying bills and working full time. I moved here 3 months after graduating to do a 6 month fashion internship and to see where the city that never sleeps would take me. Through the highs and lows, I New York is gradually growing on me.

I live in the city because of my love for fashion, art, and all things creative. I love food and my biggest guilty pleasure is ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough to be exact).

I think I have a nomadic spirit that I haven’t completely tapped into yet. There was a point in my post-college life where I lived in 4 different states in 2 years. Every so often, I fantasize about doing the whole “backpacking through Europe” thing. And hopefully one day I will!

Yet, I like stability, though sometimes I get bored with it and want to switch things up for myself. I think the most refreshing people on earth are little kids and honest people (that probably explains why I love the youngins).

With that said, I plan on being as honest as possible with Intrigue Me. This is my first blog ever and I hope you enjoy reading my outlet for some of my thoughts. I don’t know what this blog will become, but if one person can relate to me on something I’ve said, or if reading what I’ve written has made your day an inch better,  then this blog  has achieved it’s purpose.


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