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Intrigue House of Nail

This page is dedicated to my nails since I love them so much!



Haven’t posted on my nails <AGAIN> in a minute. I promise I will do better….so after the nude I decided to do a darker shade. Check it below:

Yes it’s black but it doesn’t really give off the goth vibe. It’s covered with silver sparkles so that makes the polish look like more of a deep, deep charcoal and definitely changes it up.

Here’s what I used:

  • Sinful Colors polish in Secret Admirer
  • NK Fast Dry Top Coat

Me likey!


I know I haven’t posted on my nails in a hot minute. But since my previous nail post, I’ve just been wearing the same shades you all have seen in past posts. So I figured I’d post when I switched things up.

For the new year I decided to wear a shade I’ve never worn before. NUDE!

What I used:

  • F21’s nail polish in Taupe
  • NK Fast Dry Top Coat

Here were the results:

I loved them!

Because the color is very close to my skin tone, I didn’t like it instantly. But by the end of the first day, I was in love with it. The color to me is unique yet classy. Something that can be worn at any time, and to me is suitable enough to wear to a corporate interview.

While I was at home in California for the holidays, I ended up doing my mom’s nails with the same color and she loved it as well. So being the nice daughter I am, I gave the polish to her. So this will be the last pic you see of this color:


This is what I’ve been rocking this week on my nails:

What I used:

  • F21’s nail polish in Brown
  • NK Fast Dry Top Coat

I love this color! How would I describe it? It is a neutral brownish gray and is such a pretty and sophisticated color. It’s a medium shade and reminds me of hot chocolate. Yum….

I realized it matches alot of my sweaters which is probably why I’m so partial to it (yes, I have a lot of gray in my closet as you can see from the pic below…that color is my guilty pleasure).

Here’s a shot of how it looks in the sunlight:


and here’s another one:

I am thinking reapplying it for next week since I love it so much…hmmm any thoughts on what color I should do next?


Haha…not to say I’m a supporter of Bishop Don “Magic” Juan but this week I thought I’d do something different.

Lately, F21 has been my go to place for nail polish and recently I got a few colors.

This week I’m wearing F21 polish in a jade color (sorry I don’t have the exact color, I will do better!) on all of my fingers and then on my thumbs I used F21’s nail polish in Gold which came in a round bottle.

(Sorry the images aren’t that sharp!)

I didn’t put any clear topcoat on since I ran out. This is most likely why the color itself isn’t as shiny as the gray color I did a few weeks ago. I’ve had the color on for a few days and the gold has stayed put. The Jade on the other hand has chipped a little since my first application. This reminds me how much a topcoat makes a difference!

I had to retouch the gold one day because I had smudged my hand while it was still drying and let me tell you, even though the gold is glittery,  it’s not hard to take off like most glitter polishes. I think it’s because it consists of more polish than glitter.

I will definitely do another review of this polish again with better pics.


Here is the color I am rocking this week:

What was used:

  • NYC New York Color Minute Quick Dry Polish in Manhattan

As you can see, my nails are significantly shorter than last week because one broke which resulted in my clipping the rest down to the same length (Normally I would just clip the one troubled nail, but there was a huge length difference between that nail and the rest and it didn’t look right so I had to clip them all).

Overall, I like the color. It’s like the perfect shade of deep plum burgundy. As far as the polish is concerned, the biggest con was that the smell was waayy too strong! I felt like I was losing brain cells just by applying it. 😦 Luckily, it does dry in one minute  like it says so I was done with my nails really quickly.

The staying power is good too. I did not apply a topcoat. And even though this picture was taken on the second day of having it on, it was also taken after finishing dishwashing session. And I have no chips to show for it!

GRAY DAYS (9.21.2010)

Right now I’m rocking some gray polish from Forever 21. I like F21’s polish because the application is smooth, and the polish isn’t that thick so it doesn’t get clumpy after two coats. Not to mention it’s only $2.50.

In this picture below, I only have one coat on, topped with a fast drying topcoat, and there is still good coverage on my nails without too much of a see through effect (when you can still see your nail through the polish). It was a rush job…I was going to meet some friends and could not leave the house with bare nails! I did it in about 5 minutes and it luckily it came out good.

What I used:

  • Forever 21 nail polish in Gray
  • NK Fast Dry Topcoat


I haven’t really had the chance to rock  a french tip with my nails in awhile because for some reason they would break off, and then I would end up cutting them all down to the same length and start growing them all over again.

But lately they have been stronger and growing like weeds and I have no clue why (I should probably start paying more attention to my diet to figure this out)! So to take advantage of the length while it lasted, I wore my nails in what I call a Cotton Candy French Tip on Labor Day weekend. Here are some pics:

Here is what I used:

  • Pink-from Wet n’ Wild
  • Lilac-Urban Outfitters
  • Aqua-Essie
  • Glitter- Wet n’ Wild (used as topcoat)

I will post the exact names of the colors later.

What I did was just paint the tips of my nails with the color polish, alternating colors for each finger. Luckily I hand a pretty steady hand. If you dont have a steady hand then you should probably use a french tip kit. I did 2 coats for each tip then waited 2 minutes and applied 2 coats of the glitter polish to use as the topcoat. The glitter polish had some texture, but helped my nails dry fast!

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  1. L.hassell permalink
    September 21, 2010 9:13 pm

    Looking good!

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